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General FAQs

Can I tour your facility?

We would love to show you our facility and all we have to offer to pamper and spoil your pet. Our tours are held during our lobby hour times and are restricted to clients only, no pets.

Is it normal for my pet to lose weight during their stay?

Pets may lose some weight during their stay due to their increased activity in Day Camp and excitement to see their friends.

Is Smart Parke air conditioned?

Smart Parke is climate controlled and has a state-of-the-art system. Not only does this keep your pet comfortable year-round but always ensures fresh air.

What if my pet has a medical issue or emergency while staying at Smart Parke?

We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with skilled and dedicated staff. We partner with local veterinarians that can provide medical services should your pet experience a medical condition that would require veterinary care or supervision.

Do you accept pets that are aggressive?

We do accept dogs that are dog aggressive for private boarding without Day Camp. Dog aggressive dogs will not be allowed in our Day Camp for the safety of other dogs. We DO NOT accept human aggressive dogs for the safety of our staff.

Can any dog come to stay?

Yes. All breeds of dogs are welcome as long as they pass our behavior and temperament evaluation and have been accepted into Day Camp. We do not discriminate against dogs based on size or breed. We do not typically accept dogs that are over 13 years of age without management approval first.

Do you accept pets that have not been spayed or neutered?

All dogs going to our Day Camp that are 10 months or older are required to be spayed or neutered. For overnight pet guests that cannot go to Day Camp, we can offer private boarding at an additional charge that includes three one-on-one play sessions.

Can you give my pet their medications during their stay?

Yes. We can administer all your pets’ medications while staying with us for a fee of $10 per day. We DO NOT give injectable medications.

Can I see my pet while they are staying at Smart Parke?

Of course! You can view your pet in their individual suite or in our Day Camp by clicking here.

Do you accept older pets that require additional assistance?

Yes. We accept pets that are up to 13 years of age. If your pet is older than 13 or requires special assistance, please call our office so we can discuss the additional accommodations your pet would need to see if we can accommodate.

When are your check in and check out times?

Check in and check out is between 6:30AM – 8:00PM. We do charge a late check out fee of $15 for pets checked out after 3:00pm.

Are you prepared in case of an illness or injury?

In the event of a serious illness or injury we will always act in the best interest of your dog. We partner with local veterinarians that can provide medical services for pets in our care should the need arise.

Can my pet catch a disease by being around other pets?

Your pet can be exposed to diseases regardless of where they are, whether at home, at a dog park, taking a walk in your neighborhood, or staying at our facility. We want to help minimize that risk as much as possible by maintaining extremely high sanitation standards, requiring all pets in our facility to be properly vaccinated and contagious-illness free. Our goal is to offer a safe and clean facility for every pet in our care.

Do dogs ever get injured?

We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for all the dogs in our Day Camp. Our highly skilled staff closely monitor the dogs for safe play and wellbeing. When dogs play, they lead with their mouths and it is possible for dogs to get minor scratches and scrapes. It is similar to kids on a playground that can get minor scrapes during typical play. We do have a rigorous screening process and highly trained staff in the effort to avoid serious injury as much as possible.

Dog Boarding FAQs

What is included in my dog's boarding stay?

Included in your pet’s boarding stay is premium orthopedic bedding, house cuisine diet, half-day of Day Camp and a bath on their last day. Their time with us also includes webcam access and daily report cards. Owners can add additional services for their pet (such as full day Day Camp, personal cuddle time or treats) for an additional fee.

What can I bring with my pet for an overnight stay?

We have everything your dog will need during their stay. We offer house cuisine and daily cleaning service at no additional cost. If your pet requires medications or a home diet, we can provide that service at an additional cost. Please make sure you provide an adequate supply of medications and home diet for your pet’s stay.

Do I need to make a reservation for my pet to stay at Smart Parke?

We require reservations for all pets staying at Smart Parke to ensure we can accommodate all our pet guest’s needs.

My pet's special diet requires refrigeration, can you accommodate this?

Yes. We have refrigerators, freezers, and a microwave to accommodate all your pet’s special diet needs. Just let us know your pet’s dietary needs when you check in.

Do you require a deposit for overnight stays?

Yes. All overnight reservations will require a 50% deposit of the reservation total fee to book the reservation. Reservations must be canceled at least three (3) days prior to arrival date. Failure to cancel within three (3) days’ notice prior to arrival date (including a “no-show”), will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit. Credit card payments can be provided over the phone or in person.

Day Camp FAQs

What do dogs do in Day Camp?

Play and have fun with their friends! Your pet will have access to both our Indoor and Outdoor Day Camp experiences, all while being safely monitored by our trained staff. Whether they want to play in our interactive water features or relax under our shaded beds and canopies, we offer them an experience like no other.

My puppy has not had all their vaccines yet, can they still come to play?

All dogs must be at least 12 weeks (3 months) old and have all their vaccinations to come to our Day Camp.

What are the requirements for my pet to come to Day Camp?

To ensure the safety of every pet, every dog admitted to our Day Camp is required to undergo a behavior and temperament evaluation before being accepted. All dogs over 10 months of age must be spayed or neutered and have current vaccinations for Distemper (DHPP), Bordetella, and Rabies. They should also have had a negative fecal test for Giardia within the last calendar year. Due to the CIV/Influenza Vaccine shortage, we are currently only recommending this vaccine. Additionally, we require dogs to be free from external parasites (such as fleas and ticks) and to not have been exposed to any transmissible illness in the 30 days prior to attending Day Camp.

What is involved in a Day Camp Evaluation and why is it required?

To ensure the safety of pets and staff, we require all dogs to undergo a behavior and temperament evaluation before being accepted into Day Camp. All Day Camp evaluations are scheduled appointments with one of our Day Camp staff members, ensuring there is adequate time for the evaluation process, which typically takes about 1-4 hours depending on the dog. Clients will need to fill out the Day Camp Evaluation Form prior to the scheduled appointment time. Our highly trained Day Camp staff will get to know your dog by monitoring safe play between the dogs in Day Camp and the Day Camp staff. If your pet is approved for Day Camp after the evaluation, they can come and play any day. Dogs that are not approved for Day Camp will need to be promptly picked up.

What are your rates for Day Camp?

We offer both full and half day Day Camp as well as a Annual Smart Parke Membership Package. Click here to see our rates.

Can I see my pet on camera while they are in Day Camp?

Of course! That is part of the fun of watching your pet play with their friends. Click here to access our cameras.

Do you offer separate areas for small and large dogs in Day Camp?

Yes. We have both a separate Indoor and Outdoor Day Camp dedicated specifically to our small dogs or large dogs, providing plenty of room to play and lounge. We have taken great care to design both our small dog and large dog Day Camps to maximize their fun experience while prioritizing their safety.

Can my dog be fed a meal or given medications during Day Camp?

Yes. We can provide both lunch and medication services for your dog while in Day Camp. Click here to see our rates.

I have an older dog. Will they enjoy Day Camp?

It will depend on your dog and their temperament as each dog is different. We do not typically accept dogs that are older than 13 years of age without management approval first. Some older dogs enjoy romping with the younger dogs while others prefer to watch the play. We have plenty of areas for each dog to find just the right group of dogs to play with or lounging spots.

Do I need to make a reservation for Day Camp?

If it is your dog’s first time you will need to schedule a Day Camp Evaluation first to be accepted into Day Camp. For both Full and Half-Day Camp we do require reservations to ensure we are properly staffed for safe play. If you are one of our Annual Smart Parke Membership holders, no reservations are required.

What should I expect when my dog comes home from Day Camp?

It is not uncommon for your pet to be tired after a fun day playing and exercising with their friends. They had the opportunity to use their energy in a happy, safe, and fun way. While we offer plenty of fresh water in both our Day Camps, dogs often spend so much time playing that they forget to stop and take a drink.

Why are there no toys in Day Camp?

Dogs can be distracted and possessive when toys are in Day Camp. We specially designed both our indoor and outdoor Day Camp areas to have plenty of play options for your dog so they do not need toys.

My dog has some health problems. Can my dog still come to Day Camp?

We do not accept dogs that have communicable diseases or parasites. We also do not accept epileptic dogs for their own safety.

Training FAQs

Board and Train

Can I add training on to my boarding stay?

If your pet’s stay spans seven days or more, clients can opt into our board and train program. Click here to see our rates.

How often would my dog be trained?

Your dog will have two daily training sessions, in addition to the services included in the boarding fee.

Will my dog remember the training once we get home?

As part of your Board and Train purchase there is a single follow up class lasting approximately 1 to 2 hours, which will teach basic training tips for continued home support.

Group Training

How many dogs are in a class?

Ten dogs maximum are in the Group Training classes.

Do you pay in total for the group training class?

Yes, the full fee for all group classes is collected up front.

What skills will my dog learn?

Our comprehensive training program encompasses a wide range of commands, including ‘Heel’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stay’, ‘Place’, ‘No/Okay’, ‘Come’, ‘Quiet’, and more. These instructions are designed to help your dog make significant progress before concluding their training with us.

How is the class set up?

The initial 30 to 45 minutes will be dedicated to the main subject, while the latter portion of the class will concentrate on addressing particular challenges outlined in the following section on Problem Solving.

What are the problem solving topics?

Towards the end of each class, we’ll tackle problem solving topics that are relevant to the class’s needs. These include issues like housekeeping, chewing, barking, separation anxiety, and more.

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