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Day Camp

Send your dog to our doggy daycare where they can play in the sunshine, cool off in our outdoor water features, and make friends with all the other dogs.

Over 4,500 square feet of room between the Small Dog and Large Dog areas.

Each area has a paw pool with spraying water for dogs to play and cool off.


Fountains & Fun

Our outdoor area is equipped with plenty of shade to keep your dog cool and beds for them to lounge in. Continuous freshwater is available to ensure your pup is always hydrated and can cool off whenever they please. Your dog will have fun climbing and jumping on the various outdoor features. Outdoor playtime is supervised by our expert staff to keep your dog safe and happy.


King of the Mountain

Our state-of-the-art indoor space takes up over 2,800 square feet of space between the Small and Large Dog areas. Not only is it temperature controlled, but also climate controlled with fresh air circulation for your dog’s comfort. Continuous fresh water is provided to keep them hydrated while they run, jump, and climb with the other dogs. If they need to take a break from playing, there are plenty of beds to lounge and rest in until they’re ready to play again. Our trained staff will be playing along with them and keeping a watchful eye to make sure all the dogs are safe and happy.

Let's Get Started!

For the safety of all at Smart Parke, every dog is required to go through a behavior and temperament evaluation before they are accepted to day camp.

Complete the Forms

Vaccine Records

Safety is important! We require all dogs at Day Camp to be up to date on vaccines. Learn More

Schedule Evaluation

Once we have all of these records, call our office to schedule an evaluation!